Sayville Wireless Station

German Spies on Long Island

The Mexican Enemy

During World War I the Mexicans plotted with Germany to take the Southwest. The Mexicans got caught and our country was saved. The Germans had a spy ring in Sayville and a huge wireless station that they used to  transmit secret messages to Mexico City about their secret invasion plans. The messages going through Sayville were uncovered and the country was saved.

Pancho Villa Pancho Villa made deadly raids into America and wanted German support to invade our homeland.

Pancho Cartoon

Political cartoon of the Mexican Pancho Villa


America's fight in WWI starts in Sayville: President Woodrow will sent a unit of Marines to kill or capture the Germans in Sayville. Click for Pictures.

Collected here are articles about the Sayville Wireless Station  German Spy Radio Tower

Mexican Treachery - The Zimmerman Telegram

Telefunken's Role in sinking the Lusitania

German Spies at the Telefunken

Station Seized

Telefunken and the Navy

Charles Apgar - Patriot

Role in World War I

The Telefunken Ruins today

PICTURES of the Wireless Station


World War Two - Spying Continues

During World War II German Spies were dropped off by a U-Boat near Amagansett in Suffolk County. They took the Long Island Railroad to New York City, stopping at the Sayville train station on the way.


George Dasch, German Spy on Long Island

 German spy George Dasch was in Sayville spying for the Axis powers during the Second World War. His mission was sabotage


Save the Wireless Station - Friends of Long Island Wireless History    FLIWH

The Suffolk County Maritime Museum has an exhibit of the Telefunken.

Roosevelt Mansion - House of an important member of the Roosevelt family.

Sayville History

History - The World was its Oyster.


Suffolk County News on December 20th 1918

"Beginning in 1911 the Telefunken Company of Germany built a wireless station in West Sayville just north of the railroad tracks. A 500 foot tower that could be raised and lowered rose from a ball and socket joint atop a concrete foundation. It was completed in 1912 and wireless messages could then be transmitted to a similar tower in Nanen, Germany, 3,500 miles away. From August 1, 1914, until April 6, 1917, the United States monitored messages sent over the Telefunken wireless and U.S. Marines guarded the station. After the U.S. declared war the station was sealed off, the wire fence surrounding it was charged with electricity, and floodlights were placed throughout. After World War I it was taken over by the MacKay Radio and Telegraph Company and later the FAA. Presently it is not in use by anyone. The huge mast was demolished in 1938."


The message to sink the Lusitania went through the Sayville Wireless Station


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Sayville Wireless Station

World War 1




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THe history of Sayville and Sayville History. radio, awa, antique radio association, antique radio, wireless, old radio, awa, awa, awa, awa. The transatlantic wireless communication tower. World War One WW1 WWI The Mexican Revolution, General Blackjack Pershing fighting Pancho Villa on the border. The First World War is also the called the Great War. Long Island spies - German spies on Long Island. GERMAN SABOTEURS ON LONG ISLAND. Nazi espionage in the Hamptons. German spies under Jahnke's direction then sabotaged military communications.  Germans saboteurs landed on a beach near Amagansett, Long Island to commit sabotage. J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI searched for them. Yaphank's German Town had a spy ring. U-Boat dropped off the spies. Coast Guardsman Coast Guardsman John Cullen found the four spies, and accepted a bribe to keep him quiet, but he reported it. George Dasch told a fellow German, Ernest Burger, they should back out. Dasch reported the what happened to the FBI, and was thrown in prison. There were also spys in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and the Midwest. The FBI uses counterespionage. Melissa Joan Hart biography & bio, pictures hart  flower-florist  flower-lily   flower-funeral   flower-Sayville   flower   george canine-story gy  somoza burie giant  sachem    book  keystone  prom  strange Keystone two reel comedies. Two real comedy.

The Sayville Wireless Station in West Sayville New York on Long Island built by Tesla. The Michelle Young murder case, and  Jason.

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